Değerli okur,

Bu mektup Lancet tıp dergisinde yayımlanan ve bağlantıdan okunabilecek yazıya karşı dergi yayın yönetmenine gönderilmiştir. İlkeli ve nesnel yayıncılığın gereği bu yanıtın yayımlanmasını gerektirir.

Lancet tıp dergisi bu isteğin yerine getirlmesi bağlamında sınavdadır!

PIIS0140-6736(16)31414-3.pdf erişimi için tıklayın

Dear editor,
I have a few words on “Health-care crisis in Turkey : urgent actions needed”
As I know, Lancet is a prestigious medical journal. But, this time Lancet has been stretched its limits. Although, the paper seems touching a humanitarian topic, the article has not been able to discriminate terrorism from human rights problem.
Have you ever heard the name Jean Charles de Menezes who was shot by snipers immediately following London bombings in July 2006? The reason for this shooting was simply security concerns. In the southeastern region of Turkey security forces hasn’t been shot disarmed civilians. On the other hand PKK terror killed lots of civilians for 30 years.
Could anybody call up British government for a cease-fire against terrorist groups/attacks? It would be illogical. Either British or Turkish government can make peace with terror groups unless they give up the terror.
In the southeastern region of Turkey the members of terror organizations under the name of PKK or YPG are in action against the constitutional system.
In Great Britain or at an another European country could it be possible to organize an armed struggle against the state rules? What would be the reaction against such a revolt in your country?
In Turkey, PKK terror has been resulted in 40 thousand death comprising mostly civilians, since 1984.
So, also in Turkey, the government couldn’t let such a terrorist action. In other words Turkish government and security forces are simply trying to prevent terrorist actions not only in southeastern region but also in the whole Turkish territory.
As mentioned, in the article, hospital hasn’t been transformed to fortress. Security forces had no other choice in order to protect Cizre hospital.
In Great Britain or in an another European country it is possible to shoot someone in order to ensure security! Is it forbidden, to preserve integrity of country in Turkey?
Is such a paradox is acceptable?
Ceyhun BALCI, M.D. Orthopaedic Surgeon
General Secretary of İzmir Medical Chamber
İzmir, Turkey

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